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SINCERITY is our focal point

At SAKAPITU, each and every single assignment is carried out with this vital element involved from the subsistence of proposal to last stage of the project without fail.


Enables us to uncover opportunities that you may never have heard before engineer services that you may able to achieve your goals more smoothly, more completely.

FASILITATING people transformation

SAKAPITU Consultancy and Management calls for strong LEADERSHIP as a team, and yet, capable of being independent as individual.

COMMITMENT without compromise

LAST but not least, we are consistently aware that COMMITMENT without compromise is a great value that supports the level of success of a project leading to HARMONY.

Who We Are ?

Hospitality Consultants

Founded in 2007, SAKAPITU is a Hospitality Consulting company in Bali marked by dynamism and constant innovation and specializes in providing services to the hospitality and tourism industry with solutions geared towards service excellence and growth of shareholders profitability.

With over a 20 years of Hospitality Management Services experience the team at SAKAPITU offers hospitality related concepts, efficiencies and performances, whilst providing practical and simplistic strategies, solutions and services that focus on Revenue Generation and Profitability for our clients.


Our Philosophy

Our company is founded on the knowledge and understanding that excellent service and a quality product is THE KEY to achieving the highest level of performance. This philosophy, combined with our dedication, years of experience and attention to detail has proven successful time after time and is the driving tool for achieving our company vision.

SAKAPITU is concerned with the overall long-term impact of tourism on the island and it is our intent to promote sustainable practices to all of our clients. We are about maintaining professional business integrity that is based on appreciating the culture, interacting with the local community and showing sensitivity towards the surrounding environment.

Our Vision and Mission

We are committed to contributing to the positive image and development in all components of hospitality industry. Our primary aim, as a dynamic consultants company, is to anticipate future trends and concentrate on the delivery of personalized services that are beyond all preconceived expectations.

Our Absolute Team

Our mission is clear. We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage. We are shaping the future. Together.

team 1

Budi Susetyo


He began his career with GHM specializing as a pre-opening team member for resort properties such as Serai, Chedi and The Legian. He also spent several years with the world renowned Aman Resort Group gaining knowledge in all areas of operations. Budi then joined Kayumanis for the set-up of an all-villa property in Ubud. He remained with the Kayumanis Group as Corporate General Manager for the progressive development of a stylish villa property in Nusa Dua and exclusive estate in Jimbaran, which have become icons in Bali's luxury villa market.

"When others see what they see, I see what they don't" - Budi Susetyo

team 1

Dayu Apriawati

Net Producer

Dayu began her career at the Shangrila Hotel, a 4-star family orientated resort in Kuta. She then joined the luxurious Maya Resort in Ubud prior to becoming part of the set-up team for Kayumanis Private Villas in Ubud. Although proficient in the areas of sales and marketing, Dayu then took over the management of three Kayumanis Spas where she was responsible for operations, staff training and product development.

"There is no such thing as a good or bad weather, only different kinds of weather" - Dayu Apriawati

team 1

Herwin Prabawananda


With extensive experiences in several Marketing Communications agency, Herwin or known as HP is responsible for SAKAPITU’s overall visualizing and branding functions. He is in charge of developing, implementing and maintaining visualization and branding within SAKAPITU.

“If you’re not living on the edge, you will never see the view” - HP

What We Do?

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Concept & Feasibility

    With prohibitive initial investment costs and a long gestation period for return on investment, it becomes critical to have a well-planned and clearly articulated project concept for success.

    At SAKAPITU we tackle every project with a holistic approach, taking into consideration every element that contributes to the design configuration to conducting feasibility studies to finally presenting a set of recommendations from a hospitality perspective.

    We will not only present a careful review of the location (in the existing market scenario) but also outline possible challenges and opportunities for success. Depending on each project's mix, this approach allows a customized framework of recommendations and ensures that the design solution meets the vision and helps forms the DNA of the development strategy

Strategic Business Plan

    For any new project, post the initial feasibility study, it becomes important to evaluate what will be the initial strategy on the ground, from year one to year five. To achieve the financial projections made in the study, a road map is necessary for the property to achieve projections.

    SAKAPITU with its decades of pre-opening experience, is able to assist clients to create a comprehensive business plan, not only with financials planning but also with an initial strategic business plan and a detailed marketing strategy, enabling the roadmap to success.

Pre-opening Consultancy

    As part of our Pre-opening support services, SAKAPITU will work closely with your project manager, architects, designers, and project team in every aspect of creating an accurate pre-opening work flow that ensures that plans are translated into an efficient operational frame work.

    From hotel properties positioning, branding and concept development, to monitoring standards of product and service.

    SAKAPITU will also assist in reviewing pre-opening budget, financial forecasting, and activities of the hotel. SAKAPITU can assist in facilitating appointment of key executives and contribute to overall marketing strategy and in the development, set-up and implementation of operating guidelines, policies and procedures.

Hospitality Advisory

    As a hospitality investor, it is important that your vision translates to action and process for a successful hotel product, as part of our hospitality advisory services we walk hand in hand with our clients starting from inception providing

  • A concept and feasibility study
  • Providing component mix recommendations
  • Reviewing space planning for efficiency and operational effectiveness
  • Operator selection and contract negotiation and recommendations for hotel classification

Operation Selection

    Hotel operator selection is a major factor in the overall success of an investment not only in terms of selecting the right partner but also in setting the right terms and conditions.

    SAKAPITU starts by reviewing the client's market dynamics and then presenting options of possible brands for the project, in order to find the most suitable operator.

    We work closely with our clients and their legal teams in operator searches creating agreements that are balanced to ensure that operators are able to perform whilst allowing owners to also oversee their investments. Together with our client, and our detailed understanding of commercial terms, we negotiate to deliver the best commercial terms with the operator to ensure a win-win financially viable result for the property.

Owner/Client Representation

    Owners in the past had to rely on the efforts of hotel management groups to manage the day-to-day operation of a hotel without in most cases, having the benefit of experienced representation and technical input. With the increasing cost of hotel development, operating costs and volatile markets resulting in the threat of diminishing returns, hotel owners and investors are looking for hands-on involvement in the long term management of their assets for better ROI's.

    As a hotel investor today, it becomes mandatory to have a comprehensive skill set that includes :

  • An understanding and knowledge of hotel operations,
  • Management of revenues and costs
  • An understanding of marketing,
  • Knowledge of global economics and the markets.

    SAKAPITU with its wealth of hospitality experience in all these areas helps investors at identifying their profit potential, maximizing it for the benefit of the owner.

    We do not manage the day-to-day operations of the hotel but act as a liaison representative from the owners to the management company. Simply put, as the owner's representative advising on new profit opportunities, cost savings and operational advantages we ensure that the hotel owner's strategic objectives both financial nonfinancial are met.

Social Media Marketing

    Today, increased usage of social networking tools and e-travel companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Trip-Advisor, etc, the rules of marketing, business-to-customer have changed forever The consumer-to-consumer endorsement provided by social media today allows guests to choose to stay away from a product completely.

    SAKAPITU with its digital specialists, provides seamless integrated solutions linking social media marketing with what your hotels offers allowing your product higher visibility and reach.

    We also assist you by providing IPAD, Android solutions, as well as formulating a comprehensive social media marketing plan that is customized to your property and budget.

    As a part of the social media development plan, the team at SAKAPITU will:

  • Review your marketing plan
  • Work with your S&M leadership team to create a social media plan

Brand Positioning

    As a hospitality services company, who are you? What do you stand for? How are you recognized in the market? What is your core? How is that different from your competitors?

    These are some very important questions that an owner or operator needs to ask him/herself when launching or even refurbishing a hospitality product.

    Your positioning in the market place allows you the opportunity to define your standards of quality and showcase them to the market justifying the charges you apply for the services that your hotel provides.

    At SAKAPITU, we work very closely with our clients by understanding their vision for the brand and matching it with their product to create a synergy that showcases both the investor's vision as well as the product's potential.

    SAKAPITU along with its team of brand specialists can help you create or revisit your organization's softer side.

    A softer, yet critical side that helps build a connection with your staff. We can help you do this by assisting in creating your Mission and Vision, defining your brand's DNA or delving deeper into your brand values and building your personalized Brand Wheel.

    These tools once set, act as seeds for the complete hotel's strategy, including human capital. These tools allow a hotel to set standards and benchmarks for how they will be viewed by guests, staff and the market.

S&M Audits and Troubleshooting

    With the constant change in global markets and platforms, time and again hotels tend to under perform. This is due to lack of proper sales resources, processes, market coverage or distribution systems & sometimes even spending much more than necessary with inferior results.

    To identify what needs to be done to help improve and enhance the S&M process for higher revenue generation it becomes important to first identify where the problems may lie.

    Like a doctor performs a diagnosis before determining what is wrong with a patient and then prescribing medicine and corrective action, we at SAKAPITU firmly believe that prior to making any Sales and Marketing recommendations a proper Sales and Marketing audit is mandatory.

    The SAKAPITU S&M team upon being commissioned for a project will first do basic research on your property during which it will then spend 3 to 4 working days on property/hotel with your S&M Leadership team and GM.

    Post this audit we will, along with your management team present the areas of opportunity for growth in revenue for the hotel.

    This collaborative process not only bolsters the confidence for your management team, but also allows the SAKAPITU team to look deeper into the hotels S&M processes and challenges. This allows us to present better cost effective and efficient solutions for our clients while simultaneously building their team's confidence towards success.

Human Resources

    SAKAPITU develops and delivers the tools necessary to give your guests extraordinary service which will improve your hotels repeat business and bottom line.

    SAKAPITU takes pride in its proven approach recognized by the Hospitality Industry.

  • Turn Front Desk staff into SALESPEOPLE
  • Strengthen synergies within all departments
  • Extensive Human Resource Department
  • Management Enhancement Programs
  • Customer Satisfaction reviews focusing on weaknesses

    SAKAPITU's training is built from your hotels foundation. SAKAPITU ensures the key elements of all job requirements and expectations are clearly defined and communicated.

    SAKAPITU's training procedures promote strong communication within the hotel that develops team recognition for improvement and excellence.

    SAKAPITU trains management to "Inspect What You Expect" allowing line level employees and management to work and have fun within their departments. Developing an educated, enthusiastic team environment in every department, continually striving to reach its goals, is what drives SAKAPITU.

    SAKAPITU ensures each department is tracked and audited to maintain conformity, consistency and compliance with franchise and SAKAPITU's high standards.

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